Our Ways Always is a nonprofit zine benefitting Unist'ot'en Camp, which will be composed of unique art by Native artists. The broad theme of Our Ways Always is to assert our presences through our art--that our ways have endured, existing for millenia before colonization began; our ways are enduring, we are living them and defending them in this very moment; and our ways will always endure, for they are fundamentally the ways of the respective lands and waters which our communities exist with. That being said, this is a suggestion rather than a rule--whatever you are inspired to create, we won't reject a piece for not totally fitting with the theme.


Our Ways Always will be available for pre-order & digital sale in mid-September! Physical copies will be paperback, ~25 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", and available to ship within the US and Canada. Digital copies will obviously be available regardless of location. Keep an eye on this page, follow our Twitter, or submit your email using this form to see when sales are live!


Kayla Shaggy - Elijah Forbes - Ryn Nie - Cherry R.J. - Bryce Boone - c★rberus (cerb z'v) - Jordanna George - Whitney Gardipee - Kumotogi - kind7ed - Breadie Beam - Cursive - CircusB0nes - Kurenji - Aschenblute - Khayosa - Savanna LeCornu - Maya McKibbin - Awanigiizhik Bruce

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