Our Ways Always is a nonprofit zine benefitting Unist'ot'en Camp, composed of unique art by Native artists. The broad theme of Our Ways Always is to assert our presences through our art--that our ways have endured, existing for millenia before colonization began; our ways are enduring, we are living them and defending them in this very moment; and our ways will always endure, for they are fundamentally the ways of the respective lands and waters which our communities exist with.


Kayla Shaggy - Elijah Forbes - I. Aronson - Cherry R.J. - Bryce Boone - c★rberus (cerb zev-star) - Jordanna George - Whitney Gardipee - Kumotogi - kind7ed - Jenna Beam - Cursive - CircusB0nes - Kurenji - Savannah LeCornu - Awanigiizhik Bruce

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